Eighth grader Heriberto Reyes passed away Monday afternoon after a brutal attack by a group of violent youths in San Jose's Roosevelt Park left him in critical condition Friday night. The park, which is both a popular hangout and known gang territory was reportedly packed with witnesses when the massive altercation broke out Friday evening, but police have yet to name any suspects in the homicide.

According to the Mercury News, Heriberto's parents dropped him off in the park shortly before the altercation that broke out around 7 p.m. Friday evening, and his father may have witnessed the attack from nearby. Police have evidence indicating the incident was gang-related, but they have yet to say whether Reyes was specifically targeted or if the 14-year-old boy was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is also unclear how many attackers were involved in the incident during which Reyes suffered severed head injuries.

Heriberto attended Bernal Intermediate School in South San Jose, where officials from the school board are helping the community cope with the loss of a young person. Robo-calls went out to all parents in the school district Tuesday night. Police apparently declined to release information about the developing case earlier due to the ongoing investigation and the sensitive nature the death.

The homicide is San Jose's 13th this year and the fifth that is considered gang-related.

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