You guys, the Valencia swing is back! And this time it comes affixed with streamers! What fun. Mission Mission has been chronicling the plight of the swing on Valencia Street ever since a kindhearted soul strung it up last December. Then, like Maleficent swooping in on a hot party, a kooky neighborhood local cut it down, screeching, "This isn’t a playground." It went back up again a month later, this time with steel cables. Alas, that one was also pruned by the anti-fun police, aka a city official. But, ha, now it's back! For how long? Who can say. It's probably being brutally torn down right now. However, that shouldn't stop you from erecting a swing in your own neighborhood.

OK, maybe you should not put up a swing since it's bad for the trees. And also dangerous for sensitive passersby. Plus, city officials would crap their bureaucracy-loving pants if joy-inducing swings started popping up on every hip street corner. Then again, swings are so much fun. As Mission Mission commenter Ben Carpenter gleefully points out, "The swings should multiply exponentially every time one is cut down."

If only, Ben. If only.