Six members of the Board of Supervisors, along with marijuana activists, dispensary owners, and representatives from George Gascon's and Dennis Herrera's offices gathered for a rally on the steps of City Hall yesterday in protest of the federal crackdown on medical marijuana sales in California. Though the rally had been planned weeks in advance, it came just a day after a surprise raid by the feds on Oaksterdam University in Oakland. "This raid was meant to demoralize us," said the school's chancellor Dale Jones, "but it did not cripple us, it merely galvanized us."

About 200 attended the rally, including many who were smoking pot (naturally). David Chiu, John Avalos, David Campos, Jane Kim, Christina Olague and Scott Wiener were joined by representatives from the DA's and City Attorney's offices, as well as reps from the offices of Tom Ammiano and Mark Leno, who brought messages of support.

After the rally, the group marched two blocks to the Federal Building on Golden Gate, which is home to U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag, who's behind the local crackdown efforts.

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