After issuing the memo that declared all marijuana sales illegal and scared the crap out of local pot smokers last week, District Attorney Gascón would like to make it clear that his office actually supports medical cannabis sales in San Francisco. The brief that went out last week was actually a mistake on the part of Gascón's office, which apparently sent out a boilerplate document drafted up by Kamala Harris' administration three years ago. Yesterday, Gascón explained his office would no longer be pushing that position on pharmaceutical pot, telling the press "I support medical marijuana and I have said that very many times... Dealing with marijuana is not a priority for this office."

As for the arrest of the dispensary deliverywoman that set this whole thing off, the DA's office secured a two-week continuance while they sort it out with her attorney. Assuming she was, in fact, working for a legit dispensary and selling only to licensed patients, the charges against her will probably be dropped.

Although the the District Attorney's office is down with the kind bud, the Feds continue to issue cease-and-desist letters to a new round of dispensaries, claiming they are all operating within 1,000 feet of schools. The latest stores to get the threatening letters include: HopeNet in SoMa, and Shambala Healing Center in the Mission. Five other dispensaries have already closed their storefronts and at least four more have been approved by the city but are holding off their openings until this mess gets sorted out.

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