You know Eddie Rickenbacker's, right? That downtown place where you go after work to get trashed while remembering Mr. Higgins? (May he rest in peace.) Well, Christie's will auction off some of the lamps that used to grace the place. According to Associated Press, " June 14, Christie's auction house in New York will sell the collection of six Tiffany lamps and one chandelier that once decorated the bar that was owned by Norman Jay Hobday, who died in February 2011."

The collection is anticipated to haul in more than $2 million. Here are some of the lamps that used to adorn the back of the bar at Eddie Rickenbacker's.

Also, according to SFist commenter mayonnaiseslacks, "My inside sources tell me Eddie Rick's ownership is about to change hands, possibly snatched up by Anchor and Hope." Hmm.