The Mega Millions lottery now stands at a whopping $363 million. And your SFist editor feels certain, without a doubt to win the entire jackpot, now the third-largest ever, come Tuesday night's drawing. How will we spend it, you ask? Well, first, we will keep our job. We like it here. However, instead of writing to you from a SoMa Victorian that rattles whenever the building washing machine goes into spin cycle, we will instead hold court from inside Anne Fougeron-designed Tehama Grasshopper Residence. (What, did you think we planned on moving to Nob Hill or buying a renovated Victorian in the Mission like every other tech gazillionaire? Perish the thought. We're staying South of Market.)

After installing a laser-precise, shoot-to-kill alarm system in our beautiful yet deadly abode of steel and glass, we will head over Zuni Cafe for dinner. After ordering 12 roast chickens—eating only the birds' oyster meat, mind you—and a light salad, it's off to HD Buttercup to purchase their most luxurious and largest bed. We will then take a nap for 3-4 years, give or take a month.

So, that's what's going to happen tomorrow. We can't wait. Now, pretending that your editor won't win (and we don't see how that's possible), how would you spend your Mega Millions winnings if you win?

Update: What!? Alas.