After five years in business, Bernal Heights' much-loved Four Star Video is undergoing some changes. While they don't appear to be in any danger of shutting down despite countless lazier ways to watch movies at home, owner Ken Shelf took to his delightful movie blog to announce the shift from humble neighborhood video store to a horticulturist with a large video library.

As Ken explains, the changes started towards the end of last year, but the new business brings the video rental and plant sales operations together under one roof. Going forward, Four Star will now be Succulence, a reference to the hardy plants "that have such a penchant for existence that they sometimes refuse to die". (And, we should add, are apparently popular in the neighborhood.) In addition to the plants, the shop also offers vertical gardening and terrarium building glasses as well as scores of other handmade goods. As for the video store? Well, that's sticking around too. Ken explains:

The video store? Like Joaquin Phoenix, still here! ...Our educated staff helps you to pick out what you didn't even know you wanted. We still offer the opportunity to browse and touch videos with your actual hands. Yes we are constantly making changes to our layout. We must! Our responsibility is to survive.

So there you go, fans of Kenflix — the shop's answer to Netflix — will still be getting their same service, just with more greenery around.

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