The squawking parrots of Telegraph Hill, loved by everyone who doesn't have to live near them, are increasingly spreading out to other areas of the city, and down the peninsula. As the Chron reports, a flock of about 100 have moved south to the slopes of San Bruno Mountain in Brisbane where there are juniper berries aplenty, and fewer gawking tourists.

Self-described "retired hippies" Joe and Jeri Sulley have even taken to tossing sunflower seeds all over their back deck to attract the little green birds.

We won't even touch the bad/anachronistic joke the Chron made with the headline: "S.F.'s parrots join flight to the suburbs."

In San Francisco, after that documentary about the parrots came out, it was made illegal in 2007 to feed them. But that's just for their own good, because they need to be able to find their own food if they're going to survive in the wild.

Alas, in addition to the flock that still spends their days on Telegraph Hill and their nights in the trees near Embarcadero Center, the parrots have also been spotted invading Alamo Square and elsewhere, lately. Population explosion, perhaps?

Anyway, for the uninitiated, here's the trailer for the 2007 documentary: