If you're one of those reasonable people who doesn't obsessively watch every hash tag that trends in San Francisco, then you're currently missing out on one of the more fascinating and inexplicable tags we've seen in awhile. Observe: #BayAreaSayings, ostensibly a list of things real people in the Bay Area utter in public with some degree regularity.

First, the obvious:

The Fernet:

The possibly offensive:

The fast food/stoner favorite:

Then there's the always-classic Jollibee reference, (may the 'bee rest in peace):

Stuff annoying white girls say:

Twitterer Sam Draisin seemed to get the hang of the trend by tweeting some light San Jose-bashing and highlighting common practice of conveniently changing one's actual hometown:

Meanwhile, the alarmingly named Gunfighter Nation showed off the variety of our local agriculture and cuisine:

Because no list of Bay Area sayings would be complete without a mention of brunch:

And finally, our absolute favorite from @Boring_as_heck (appropriately enough):

Frankly we're still baffled no one has mentioned the homeless problem or emotionally stunted 20-something manboys who work in Tech yet, but this thing has just started trending nationally so it's only a matter of time.

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