Doing anything on Sunday? No? Yes? Well, even if you are, you should fix your janky calendar and instead head over to Rebel (a gay bar) and have former SF Weekly scribe Hiya Swanhuyser and reigning queen of drag queenery Heklina pour you a drink or five. The two local notables will guest bartend in support of Occupy SF. Help end "corporate personhood, attack corruption, and support community organizing" while quelling the pain of everyday life via custom cocktail the Pepper Spray, a cocktail featuring subtle notes of "hot, sassy, and in-your-face."

There will also be a real bartender on hand to make sure you actually get your fancypants drinks, and DJ Pinky Ring will man the decks to groove you into blackout paradise.

If you haven't checked out Rebel yet, you should. Seriously. Go. It's a great place. But go Sunday. You will get the chance to ask Hiya and Heklina anything. Almost anything. Whatever, just go to it, you guys.

We'll be there. And so will you. We hope.

What: Hiya and Heklina Occupy SF
Where: Rebel, 1760 Market (at Octavia)
When: Sunday, December 11
Time: 6-9 p.m.