Compared to OPD and the city of Oakland's reaction, the San Francisco Police Department's response to cleansing out the encampment at Justin Herman Plaza was a gentlemen's affair. No serious injures were reported, save for the ones that befell several officers. And while some campers complained that SFPD only gave them five minutes to clear out, that wasn't the case, or so says SF Police Chief Greg Shur.

SF Examiner reports:

"They were told they had five minutes, but per the computer-assisted dispatch log, it was actually close to 18 minutes that folks had to gather their belongings," Suhr said, adding that campers were actually given two months of warning to vacate.

Seventy-nine of the protesters left the plaza peacefully during the raid, with four resisting arrest but not causing assault or injury, Suhr said. Others were more combative, he said.

"There were three felony assaults on the officers," Suhr said. "One demonstrator threw a bottle, another demonstrator threw a garbage can that injured an officer, and another demonstrator threw a metal chair that struck an officer in the face of his helmet, breaking his face shield."

Justin Herman Plaza remains cleared out as of Friday morning.

Update: Fuming commenter/citizen journalist Itzpapalotl claims that this week's tame raid was anything but. Two examples he or she notes: One "girl" had her iPod swiped from police, which has yet to be returned. Also, "[o]ne occupier was thrown down by SFPD and his face was ground into the concrete, you can see his injuries on video that I and many other have." Here's the video in question:

Quite the scene... and so unfortunate, of course. But raids are scary, chaotic moments. Thankfully, none of the flagrant tear gas and chronic brutality that sullied Occupy Oakland protests occurred at this week's raid at Justin Herman Plaza.