Fresh off placing a distant fifth on the mayoral campaign trail, Leland Yee is back to business as usual up in Sacramento. Unsatisfied with UC President Mark Yudof's plan to assemble 10 UC Chancellors to look in to the matter, Yee called Chancellor Katehi's task force investigation "a sham" in a press release sent from the State Senator's Office today.

From the release:

'Chancellor Katehi’s task force is a sham with the fox guarding the hen house,' said Yee. 'Only a truly independent investigation - absent the influence of her office or the police department - is in order. Students and taxpayers deserve to know what she knew and when, and what direction she gave to campus police. Waiting 30 days, as Katehi suggests, is unacceptable. The evidence is clear and we need to hold individuals accountable.'

Adding to the sting, the press release goes on to highlight Chancellor Katehi's involvement in an admissions scandal presided over at the University of Illinois, before revealing the details on her hefty UC salary. Which includes a benefits package with such luxury items as: a UC-provided house, automobile allowance, relocation expenses, a guaranteed faculty position, a low-interest home loan, and a generous pension and health care package, among other things. (Not to mention a job for her husband.) Read on at the Senator's site for the full press release.

Anyhow: good to see Leland, an outspoken Occupy SF supporter, getting back to work in Sacramento where he's no stranger to stirring things up.