According to Occupy SF ilk, the Department of Public Health distributed a letter telling them to remove their tents along Market Street. They must move immediately.

"Twenty representatives came down and distributed letters to everyone on site," Occupy member Gene Doherty explained to KQED. "A final eviction notice saying we should all vacate the premises."

Behold the letter of non-compliance from DPW (PDF):

The occupants of the tents and encampment on Market Street and Main Street, near the Federal Reserve are hereby notified that they are in violation of City and County of San Francisco codes and must take down all tents and structures and vacate immediately.

Because of the critical health and safety issues and City Codes listed below, this memorandum from the City and County of San Francisco is to serve as the final notice to occupants to remove all structures on Market Street and disperse without delay.

Clear and safe access for everyone along Market Street in the public walkways must be maintained at all times. All tents on Market Street must be taken down right away.

Occupants and tents have space at Justin Herman Plaza, and any encampment outside of that area is in violation of previously agreed upon guidelines.

Comprehensive expectations and guidelines for the use of public space during the OccupySF occupation, as it pertains to health, safety and cleanliness, have been established. The assembling and placement of tents along the sidewalks of Market Street is in violation of these agreements.

As far as the main encampment, things don't look well for the sizable group that's been living at the space for several weeks now. According to SF Appeal, "DPW spokeswoman Gloria Chan said the Department of Public Health declared the encampment a public health nuisance today, and that DPW officials had again told them they were in violation of city regulations."

However, SFPD should tread lightly. No one wants to see the bloodshed and chaos that's currently taking place in New York City. An estimated 5,000 to 10,000 protesters have clashed with police this evening in foley Square. Also in attendance at today's Gotham protest? Miss Anne Hathaway.