Up in idyllic Bernal Heights, a scantily clad fitness fanatic has captured the attention of an entire neighborhood: She is the Bernal Bikini Jogger and she is the closest San Francisco comes to having its very own bigfoot. The bikini-gazers at Bernalwood explain the fascinating character:

The fact that she seems to eat the steep grades of Elsie and Stoneman for breakfast is impressive enough, but the truly remarkable (and much remarked upon) thing is that she does so in the better part of her birthday suit. Even on cold, cloudy days, this Wonder Woman look-alike is clad in nothing but a bikini and sneakers.

Since the initial story broke earlier this week, photos have started to flood in as locals spot the gal running up and down the hills of the neighborhood. Neighbors down the hill in the Mission are taking note, she's already spawned a pasty Speedo imitator and she's even garnered some national attention from Runner's World magazine.

Bringing this whole whimsical tale full circle, Bernalwood scored an exclusive interview with the Bikini Jogger. When asked about her choice of running gear, the gal simply replied, "I don’t want a farmer’s tan!"