Move over food trucks, now there's something keener... like brick-and-mortar establishments that don't require food served to you from the back of a Honda. Take, for example, noted food truck Bacon Bacon, seller of such delectable items as grilled cheese tomato and bacon jam sandwiches, spicy belly fries (topped w/ pork belly trimmings), the bacon bouquet (a bunch of bacon bundled like flowers), and chocolate-covered bacon. Owner Jim Angelus just found a space for Bacon Bacon at the former Ashbury Market (205 Frederick). Which means a) you won't have to travel to the already trend-oversaturated Mission district for BB's smokey treats, and b) you can go inside to get some bacon.

Have no fear, four-wheel to-go foodies, the truck isn't going anywhere. Paolo Lucchesi of Inside Scoop reports:

First of all, the focus will continue to be the truck, which will continue making its Bay Area rounds. The location will also serve as a commissary kitchen, meaning that Angelus and co. no longer have to trek back and forth from South San Francisco for all their prep work.

The address is only permitted to sell to-go items, so that’s what they’ll do. There will be good coffee and breakfast items (ex: cheddar bacon scones, bacon-egg-cheese sandwich, bacon croissants) in the morning; and then towards midday, all the lunch offerings. Plus, the added space will allow Bacon Bacon to do a little more menu experimentation at the shop.

South San Francisco? Shudder.

Anyway, Bacon Bacon will also share a space with Three Babes Bakeshop, purveyors of sweet and savory pies.

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