Following all those reports of unruly protesters during and after Oakland's general strike, it's time to cue the stories of local business people fighting back. In this case: prominent Oakland developer Phil Tagami went all Falling Down to defend the Ogawa Plaza-adjacent Rotunda Building with nothing but his broad-shouldered stature and a pump-action shotgun. When a group of black-clad protesters barged through the doors of the Rotunda Building, faces covered and ready to do some damage, Tagami calmly stepped up, racked his shotgun and effectively spooked the anarchist group who turned right around and headed back outside. "It's sort of the universal 'Don't come any farther' sign," Tagami told the Contra Costa Times.

Tagami, who recently dropped $50 million on renovations to get the historic Rotunda Building (which he owns) ready for wedding receptions, estimated his building was hit with "hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage" after Wednesday night's activities devolved in to chaos. Tagami said he tried to alert the police and the mayor's office, but authorities didn't arrive until 12:15 a.m. — over an hour after protesters pried open the doors.

Later Thursday evening, at an emergency City Council meeting called to discuss how to deal with Occupy Oakland, the President of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce also spoke out against the movement saying, "The situation we find ourselves in is absolutely unacceptable... Businesses have made our position clear and that position is, we want Occupy Oakland Park closed."

KCBS has an interview with the sturdy Tagami:

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