Unfortunately for fans of snow, steep streets and bone-shattering aerial maneuvers, the city's original urban snowsports competition never did get to return to Fillmore street after the Pac Heights crowd booted all the unruly ski and snowboard enthusiasts off their stoops and in to some kind of extreme sports festival inside the fences of AT&T Park. But today we have news that fans of snowboards and railings will once again have a free public event where they can watch athletes attempt to injure themselves on the city's streets. Behold: The Downtown Throwdown, an urban snowboarding, rail jam competition, happening Saturday in Civic Center Plaza.

As the Examiner reports, snowboard company Libtech is sponsoring the free event, which they've been putting on in downtown Seattle for a few years now. The event will set up on Fulton and Larkin Streets and promised to include at least one modest pile of manmade snow and one handrail designed for sliding down on a piece of wood and fiberglass. Some of "the world's best jibbers" (as they are known in snowboarding circles) will be competing for a $10,000 prize. "The idea," event organizers told the Ex, "is to get people excited about snowboarding and also kind of show people what goes on in snowboarding by bringing it into The City.”

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