It's amazing how the 1960s, which much of the culture has grown tired of making reference to over the years, have managed to become way more relevant in recent weeks than they felt during the anti-war protests of 2003. Even as we watched the Public Theater's revival of Hair in its premiere run at Shakespeare in the Park three years ago, directed by Diane Paulus, we thought to ourselves, "Huh. The new generation of twentysomethings can probably relate to this in a way that Gen X really couldn't, at least when we were in our 20s." And that was during an election year when war, financial ruin, and corruption were on everyone's minds. Now, in the fall of 2011, the touring company arrives in San Francisco just as the Occupy Wall Street movement is dominating the news with images of passionate young protesters flashing peace signs, denouncing war, and doing battle with unsympathetic riot cops. Those kids know their models, and those models were immortalized, in part, by this musical.