A jolt of an earthquake just hit the Bay Area. We felt it deeply in SOMA. You? According to USGS, the tremor was centered in the East Bay near Berkeley at 2:41 p.m. Magnitude is not yet known.

Update: USGS downgraded the quake to a 3.9 (presumably located on the Hayward fault), but that was an abrupt, shocking one, yes? Seemed much larger than a 3.9 4.0.

No reports of any damage. BART delayed trains for 15 minutes, though, as workers make sure the system was clear.

Here's what several SFist commenters had to say:

"I definitely felt that one. Market and 5th, Mint Plaza," says SFist commenter emmanuel momoh.

"My old brick building in SOMA shook so hard i thought a truck crashed into it," noted Courtney Alev.

"Felt it right after our earthquake drill here at hills plaza," muses Paulo Delacruz. (Today's tremor came hours after the Great ShakeOut.)

• DjD808 quips, "Pine and Battery all shook up."

• "Felt it strong in Orinda," said East Bay reader Gareth Keenan.

On a lighter note, local drag queen types kept it humorous:

Lady Bear declares, "This is not the outfit i want to be wearing when the big one hits."

• And Vienetta Discoteque asks Ambrosia Salad, "Are you jumping rope right now?"

Update 3:18: Muni is running at reduced speeds. They hope to resume normal speeds shortly. Workers are currently checking all of the tunnels. USGS is also reporting a tiny 1.8 magnitude aftershock struck around 3:09.

Update 4:05: USGS upgraded quake to 4.0.