Bernal Heights / Mugging: A man standing on the 3700 block of Mission at Highland Avenue on Saturday had his gold chain ripped from his neck by two hooligans. The victim was not injured. [BCN/Appeal]

Bayview / Drug Possession: A parole visit to a "mid-level" drug dealer's apartment in the Sunnydale projects last week revealed a stash of crack rocks and methamphetamine, much of which was being stored in a crockpot on the kitchen counter. The suspect and his girlfriend were booked on drug charges and parole violations. [Examiner]

San Leandro / Crazy-Acting Man Dies: A suspicious man in his 30s was scaring customers and "acting strange" at Nations Giant Hamburgers in San Leandro last night, and when police arrived they were unable to restrain him to take him into custody. A Taser had minimal to no effect. Officers say that after the man was handcuffed "his health began to deteriorate." He was quickly transported to a hospital, where he died. [Examiner]