The California Public Utilities Commission has ordered Muni to install video cameras in the cabs of Muni metro trains to surveil operators and discourage cell phone use while operating trains. We all know that many of the drivers just like to kick it in there, up in the front of the trains, while the trains are on auto-pilot in tunnels and being controlled by computer. But now they must stop playing Angry Birds and remain ever vigilant while on the job, or else face possible disciplinary action.

Investigators believe that the Muni collision in June 2008 on the Embarcadero that injured 12 people -- involving after a speeding T-Third train that rammed into an N train that had stopped at a red light near the Giants ballpark -- may have been caused because the driver of the T was talking on his/her cell phone. Cell phone use while operating trains and buses has always been against Muni policy.

But what about reading US Weekly while the train's in motion? Is that still allowed?