The cranky yet spirited folks at OccupySF, an Occupy Wall Street splinter group showing west coast solidarity, will hold a march up Market Street today. The group will meet at the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank at 101 Market just above Embarcadero BART station. They also need stuff. Lots of stuff. What kind of stuff? Well, among an extensive list of items they'd like to have, they're asking for: dishes, silverware, BART/Clipper cards, canopies, porta-a-potties, solar panels, photovoltaic generators, natural herbs, "fluoride free" toothpaste, natural honey, good knives, ink for a HP series 1200 printer, good selection of spices, seeds, and kitty [sic] pools.

We have a half-used tube of Crest that's up for grabs, but, you know, it's laced with cavity creep-fighting fluoride.

For more information, please visit OccupySF.