Pig & Pie owners keep Discolandia sign at the head-in-the-sand request of neighbors. Meanwhile, two more "eateries" will open up in the Mission soon. Cool. [Grub Street]

Michael Bauer draws your attention to the skyrocketing price of cocktails. RN74, Heaven’s Dog and Chambers Eat+Drink, among others, all hover around the $10-13 range. He goes on to point out that, among a stellar array of boozy concoctions, Comstock still has comparatively reasonable drinks. A $8 John Collins and $ Manhattan can still be found at what could very well be the best place in the city to grab a drink. (Hint: it is. It really is.) That said, it costs a pretty dime to create many of these seemingly exorbitant cocktails, so the high cost makes sense. Sort of. [Inside Scoop]

Avocado prices in Mexico are skyrocketing! And the typically peaceful country of Mexico is freaking out over it! [CHOW]

To go along with their other SF locales, La Boulange just opened a new location off of Union Square. According to Grub Street, "the new, urban location features a display case dedicated to their Macarons de Paris and their new Macaron de San Francisco...a flourless almond-hazelnut cookie that pairs well with coffee, tea, or wine." Mmm. [Grub]

Jonathan Kauffman throws some serious shade at the new Old Clam House. It's on. [SF Weekly]