Oh dear. FBI agents got the wrong address this morning after pouding on the door of noted CBS correspondent Priya David and her husband, esteemed political consultant/friend of SFist Alex Clemens. The two were at home with their (incredibly adorable) newborn baby on Lina Avenue in Alameda when agents began beating on their door just after 7 a.m. Clemens detailed what went down to CBS 5:

"I opened the slats on the window next to the door and I see what turns out to be eight uniformed, armored, armed officers, four of whom are pointing guns through the window at my face."


As agents later tried to cuff Clemens, he gingerly explained that they had the wrong guy, noting that his partner in non-crime was busy upstairs nursing their baby. It turns out the FBI had the wrong address. The people they were trying, who were later pinched by authorities, had moved across the street.

No word yet as to what charges befell David and Clemens' neighbors, but we're obviously dying to know.

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