As previously mentioned, locavore high priestess Alice Waters took over the quaint side streets of Union Square today to transform Maiden Lane in to a downtown edible schoolyard. (And also sell charity t-shirts.) Judging by the post-lunch tweets and twitpics coming in this afternoon, the event was an adorable, summery picnic table affair.

While the gals from PopSugar ogled the flower arrangements and others whiffed Waters' organic garlic, local writer Lauren Ladoceour tweets that Alice's boxed lunches included "probably the best chicken sandwich I've ever had."

We're jealous over here, having had a hamburger of unknown origin for lunch, so naturally we wanted to turn to a more balanced source for a more even-keeled twitter review of the event. Enter Chronicle Editor-at-Large and former foreign war correspondant Phil Bronstein, who came dangerously close to becoming Waters' human foie gras factory:

Alice Waters, force of nature, closes Maiden Lane at noon to force feed us healthy food. Mmmmm good. Aug 24 19:41:17 via Twitter for BlackBerry®


Wonderful work, everyone! Now back to class, kids. Be sure to look back tomorrow for SFist review of today's Watersian bash.

via: @PhilBronstein