Sweet payback for each time an East Coaster lambasted Californians for losing it over the slightest chill in the air, reactions to today's earthquake have ranged from the humorous to the bizarre. Especially for those of us who suffered through Loma Prieta or Northridge. For example, Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi tweeted that the end was nigh, saying, "2012 is near, I knew it! I hope everyones okay!!!"

The devastation caused by the Virginia quake appears jaw-dropping. See for yourself. Other reactions to the quake were unexplained physical illness. DCist commeter ms_last_minute notes: "1) Our work fridge almost fell on me. 2) I thought I just had low blood sugar and was about to pass out. Good times."

We asked folks at the Gothamist office in Brooklyn to tell us about their reactions to the shaker. Gothamist cofounder and executive editor Jen Chung explained that associate publisher and sports editor Tien Mao "thought he was just feeling sick, and so did the other members of the sales team." Another Gothamist employee "thought it was just building work."

Perhaps the undulation caused the upset stomachs?

Also, several structures in New York City were evacuated. Per NYC Dot, "All NYC roadways, bridges and tunnels seem to be intact as of now." Fingers crossed.

FOX News claimed that the Washington Monument might be tilting due to the 5.9 earthquake.

The most harrowing reaction, though, came from folks who thought another 9/11 was on the way. Politico reports:

In the seconds after the shaking stopped, several people pointed toward a twin-engine jet making its approach to Ronald Reagan National Airport over Arlington. One man shouted “not f——— 9/11 again!” Two women in skirts standing atop a Freedom Park bridge dropped to their hands and knees.

Oh dear.

Reactions in California have been nothing short of spectacular, cruel. SFist commenter atom bristles, "5.8 isn't big enough to even justify waking up. What's the big deal?" While MrEricSir snaps, "If you East Coasters think 5.8 is a real quake, you lose all rights to judge us Californians for putting on scarves in 50 degree weather."


That being said, 5.9 isn't big but it's also not that small. (The 1987 Whittier quake also measured 5.9.) Stay strong, East Coast. And remember to check out 72hours.org, a site that helps people prepare for the big one. Perhaps it's time you too stocked up on emergency kits and cans of Dinty Moore stew?

Update: You've hurt their feelings. Happy now?