Because of American football's atrocious yet accepted violent nature -- well, specifically due to Saturday's Raiders and 49ers game that ended in two shootings and at least one assault at Candlestick Park -- "a high-ranking NFL source said it is certain that the 49ers and Raiders will end their annual exhibition game against each other," reports the Mercury News. "Though the two teams haven’t told each other that they don’t want to play the game any more, the NFL source said that there is no way the game will be played next year, the year after and maybe longer than that."

Two people are in critical condition after violence erupted during the annual East Bay vs. San Francisco game. In addition to the reported assaults, one SFist Facebook commenter reports that a female was attacked outside the stadium for wearing the wrong team colors. Lisa Robles says, "I'd like to add to this that a female friend of mine was assaulted by a male 49ers fan in the parking lot b/c she was wearing Packers gear. This is NOT the live football experience we signed up for!"

After the exhibition game, the NFL and the mayors of the two cities both called for an end to "intimidation" and acts of violence at sport matches. Good luck with that, leaders.