Here's a little taste of the Proposition 8 hearing coming up on Monday in San Francisco -- high-power attorneys Ted Olson and David Boies (conservative and liberal, respectively) just released a video about how the Prop 8 case mirrors the landmark case that legalized interracial marriage, 1967's Loving v. Virginia. The two attorneys (and unlikely allies) talk about how the Loving case set a major precedent for the current fight for same-sex marriage and civil rights.

Update I: Huh. We received several reports that, while trying to post the 'Loving' and the Fight for Marriage Equality video, Facebook blocks it. And, yes, it seems that Facebook is blocking the pro-gay marriage video. Behold:


Hopefully, it's a minor glitch that the fine folks at Facebook will solve posthaste.

Update II: Problem solved. The video is no longer blocked on Facebook. Post away if the mood should strike, folks.

Video: AmericanEqualRights / YouTube