So, Missionites and fans of Dolores Park may have already noticed the ugly fencing that went up around the playground and central meadow of Dolores Park earlier this week, marking the first stage of the park's renovation -- which has now been phased so that the entire park did not have to be shut down at once. But if the scene we observed Tuesday evening was any indication, even the mothers with small children who frequent the park solely for wholesome jungle-gym purposes share something in common with the rowdy PBR-swilling, fixie-stacking folks to the north, who are fond of anarchist graffiti. They totally cut a hole in the fence within like 24 hours (not visible, at right), and then just went ahead and mowed down a section of the fence so they could get back in!

Of course as of today, parks workers are on the scene digging up the jungle gym and stuff, so even if they knock the fence down every damn night, the last days of play for the kiddies are numbered. And Mission Mission also notes the Mission Playground at 19th Street and Mission is now a pile of rubble, so what's a poor Mission tyke to do?!