San Francisco is doing that wet thing again. Not quite rain, but too misty and thick to be classified as fog. The post-commute dampness on your carefully considered outer layer isn't doing anything to help with that checked-out feeling you get just before the three day weekend. Your morning will be a two-coffee slog to an uninspired FiDi steam tray lunch before arriving at an afternoon break in the clouds. Convince your boss you need to pop out early (no one is getting any work done anyway) and then focus all your creative energies on deciding which bar has ideal happy hour conditions.

Saturday won't make any promises about the sunshine either, so layer appropriately and remember there's no such thing as a Spring scarf in San Francisco. Consider finally agreeing to go visit your one East Bay friend.

On Sunday, your friends who escaped to Tahoe will text you photos of fresh snow followed by a blue bird day on the mountain. Counter that feeling of missing out with a mimosa or three before doing some half-buzzed window shopping along one of the city's popular business corridors. Temperatures in the mid-60s will tempt you outside, but gusty winds will keep you popping in to the next coffee roaster, boutique clothing store or carefully curated antiques shop that you stumble upon.

By Monday, the winds will subside just enough to make grilling in the park interesting. Drink a regrettable amount of American beer to warm up while properly honoring our country's service men and women before falling asleep on the couch catching up on DVR'ed episodes of Glee.

Tuesday finally brings a pleasant sort of sunshine, followed by a sudden cold front of regret as you quietly wonder what happened to the holiday weekend. Start scanning the forecasts for June, before remembering that it's going to be like this well in to July.