Bemoan the exalted Facebook leader all you want, plebeians, but we dig Mark Zuckerberg's newfound gastronomic sensibility. In a recent Forbes article, Zuckerberg explains how he now only eats what he kills, meat-wise. (He maintains a vegetarian lifestyle when it comes to restaurants and daily eating routines.) Which is admirable since... well, we sure as hell can't bring ourselves to do that. Not yet, anyway. Forbes explains:

It's an odd dietary direction for the 27-year-old Internet billionaire, but since he has taken to killing goats, pigs and chickens, "I'm eating a lot healthier foods. And I've learned a lot about sustainable farming and raising of animals," he says. "It's easy to take the food we eat for granted when we can eat good things every day."

Zuckerberg's new goal came to light, not surprisingly, on Facebook. On May 4, Zuckerberg posted a note to the 847 friends on his private page: "I just killed a pig and a goat."

Again, admirable. Unless you abhor the killing, eating, and pooping of God's furry little creatures, that is. But it's a strong statement from any meat eater to take that kind of responsibility for what they consume. So, kudos to you, noted billionaire.

How does Mark do it? Forbes goes on to explain:

Zuckerberg's guide on this strange journey has been a well-known Silicon Valley chef named Jesse Cool. She lives in Palo Alto, eight houses away from Zuckerberg, and owns a local restaurant called Flea Street Café. Cool has introduced Zuckerberg to nearby farmers and advised him as he killed his first chicken, pig, and goat. "He cut the throat of the goat with a knife, which is the most kind way to do it," says Cool.

Killing is just the kickoff. After that, the dead creatures go to a butcher in Santa Cruz, who cuts them into parts. Zuckerberg and his longtime girlfriend, Priscilla, have been cooking what he slaughters, eating what many people would not dare consume. He recently ate a chicken, including the heart and liver, and used the feet to make stock. He posted a photo of the bird on his Facebook page, along with a list of the dishes he made from it.

Next on Zuckerberg's culinary carnivore list? Going hunting.

Laura Beck has another perspective, which we implore you to read.

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