Joseph Naso, age 77, was arrested earlier this week for a probation violation in South Lake Tahoe and transferred to Marin County Jail where he's suspected in the killings of four northern California women between the 70s and the 90s. All these women had double initials, the same first- and last-name initials, and this pattern is eerily similar to what were called the Alphabet Murders in Rochester, New York in the early 70s (and which inspired the 2008 movie The Alphabet Killer). Two of the alleged victims even shared the same name -- a Carmen Colon was killed in New York in 1971, and another Carmen Colon was killed in Contra Costa County in 1978, and Naso is suspected of at least the latter killing. For some reason the connection between these double-initial murders and the Alphabet Murders had not publicly been made before.

Investigators found evidence in Naso's home, including writings and photographs, linking him to the murders of the California women. As NBC reports, New York police are now investigating links to the unsolved Alphabet Murders. According to the AP, a DNA sample from one of the NY victims did not match Naso.

Naso has been living in Reno and working as a photographer. The Chron reports that Naso lived in Piedmont from 1983 to 1996 and his ex-wife, Judith Naso, 73, still resides in Oakland.

He has not entered a plea, and because his assets exceed $1 million, he's been advised to seek his own counsel rather than use a public defender.