Last night, Showtime dropped a preview episode of their reality show about everyone's favorite World Champion baseball team. Attempts were made to liveblog this thing, but some DVR mishaps occurred and caused most of the SFist staff at last night's communal viewing to overshoot their prescribed levels of martini consumption. Luckily for everyone involved, and those of you out there without the premium channel package, the team has posted the whole episode on their official site so you can spend the next 34 minutes of company time catching up. Which you should definitely do because television is the highest form of art and communication and god forbid you miss this landmark event in 1080p HD. (No FOMO.) Then, when you're all caught up, come back here and let's all discuss what we thought. Here, we'll even bat first:

Ten brief reactions, in no particular order:

  • Holy crap, where do you live, Freddy Sanchez? Can we come hang out? Are those lemondrops you and your wife are drinking tasty? They sure look tasty.

  • There ought to be more segments where Bruce Bochy goes fishing. Can we just give Bruce Bochy a fishing show on the outdoor channel?

  • Bruce Bochy's in-office beer fridge. Specifically, when the tells rookie Brandon Belt to chill out awhile, "have a beer if you want."

  • Barry Zito's Sergeant Pepper T-Shirt. Actually, Barry Zito in general. Is he supposed to be this tragic? Are we supposed to root for him?

  • Next big fitness craze: Andres Torres Caveman Training Regimen.

  • Marc Kroon: what a nice guy! We were heartbroken to see him sent back down to the minors, but we kind of like where the struggling-minor-leaguer storyline is going. As Kroon summed up life with the Fresno Grizzlies: "I've been here for two days with no cable, no Internet - the life of a minor leaguer, sometimes it happens like that."

  • Actual mid-show conversation from the SFist screening: "It's like they're setting up the All About Eve of baseball." "Oh, but All About Eve was waaaay deeper."

  • 7 Pairs of Oakley Sunglasses spotted. For the record: Cody Ross does NOT wear Oakleys.

  • "The Natural meets Major League"

  • Wait, there aren't any new episodes until July? Can't we just watch this every week instead of regular ol' baseball?