MUSIC: Musician Dina Emerson, who "combines voice, text, electronics, physical theater and specifically chosen physical objects/materials to create works that defy categorization," will perform a new collection of work that was inspired by bees - cooperation, pollination, fertility, and such concepts, using wineglasses, voice, and video projection.

7:30 to 9 p.m. // Meridian Gallery (535 Powell Street) // $5-10

STORYTELLING: The "world’s first and still only atheist evangelist," Sam Singleton will perform his one-man show, If Ocean was Whiskey and God was a Duck, in which he captivates and educates with his "combination of fire-and-brimstone" theatrics and "total blasphemy," single-handedly washing away your favorite superstitions.

7 p.m. // Schroeder's (240 Front Street) // $10

COMEDY: It's your chance to do prom over, or for the first time, at Promedy. Don your best cool or ironic dress or tux and hit the stage for some open mic comedy. Or you can just be a wallflower and do your laundry. Your choice.

8 to 10 p.m. // Brainwash (1122 Folsom Street) // free