Ann Coulter, who, of course, should be dragged out onto Market and 16th streets and throttled within an inch of her life for her conflicting political views, will be coming to San Francisco in August for a fundraiser for a Young Republicans group. Fun! The Chronicle's Joe Garofoli has the details: "The connection is that Coulter is old pals with new SF GOP chair Harmeet Dhillon. They met when Dhillon was in law school at the University of Virgina at a Federalist Society meeting at Harvard University 20 or so years ago. 'I think there were 250 men there and three women' Dhillon tells us, including Coulter."

Coulter, if you recall, once invoked the word "faggot" to describe disgraced presidential candidate John Edwards. (Which, in addition to being offensive, proved wildly inaccurate.) She later hosted a party for conservative gays in New York, calling herself "the right-wing Judy Garland." (If she's even remotely like Garland, Coutler could actually be a total blast.)