We do not want to cause any alarm, and other earthquake prediction folks have been wrong plenty of times in the past, but one prominent dude in the suspect science of earthquake prediction, Jim Berklund, has come out saying that one of the most major seismic windows in recent history is approaching between March 19 and 26. Berklund believes in connections between full moons, tides, and magnetic field changes leading to seismic activity. He's been at this for a while, and did happen to publish something in the Santa Cruz Sentinal warning of a coming quake just days before Loma Prieta. He points to shifts in the Earth's magnetic fields, which he believes are responsible for the recent mass fish die-off in Redondo Beach, as a contributing factor to his prediction. Where in California this will happen and how big it will be he doesn't know -- a vagueness which contributes to his self-touted accuracy rate on his website (which he seems to have stopped updating last year).

Fox News, for their part, isn't scoffing, and we think that's because they'd rub their hands with glee if California fell into the ocean:

Nevertheless this is yet another reason to make sure you have your go-bags and kits ready!