According to USA Today, adorable SF Giants pitcher Tm Lincecum has an In-N-Out order that will have your taste buds singing showtunes and your heart committing harakiri. Check it:

His traditional fare? Three Double-Doubles. Two fries. A chocolate-strawberry shake. Ketchup please, but hold the lettuce and tomatoes.

"I'm not a big vegetable guy,'' he says.

Let's see, three burgers at 590 calories. Two fries at 395 calories. A shake at 590 calories. The grand total: 3,150 calories.

Let's just get this out of the way: No lettuce? No tomato? That's gross. Tim, eat your vegetables. Seriously. We want you moving regular mounds while you're moving on the mound, if you catch our drift. Not at the same time, obviously. Eat your vegetables, you freak.

Lincecum's diet, according to MLB Blog, also includes "ice cream tacos before starts," the occasional "can of Dinty Moore beef stew," and "drinking Red Bull, one of his sponsors."