Over at the Chronicle, they're still reminding us of that stupid nickname given to temporary mayor Ed Lee by a middle aged woman from Nevada. What's worse is that it's hiding the story about how Lee is sticking up to Jerry Brown on Redevelopment. At a recent Chamber of Commerce breakfast, Lee explained

We cannot afford to have the elimination of redevelopment without having language in the governor's proposal that protects our very valuable projects.

So, I say to you today, if the governor does not change the language of his proposal so that we can save our projects, then I will ask all of you here today, and our whole delegation in Sacramento, to change direction.

As mayor, even a temporary one, Lee can do one of three things to stop the elimination of redevelopment: either sue the state (sounds painful), put together a public political fight (sounds messy) or buddy up with Mark Leno, chair of the California Senate's budget committee, and knock out some legislation that would protect our redevelopment projects (sounds about right). Still, any one of those could be the kind of excuse a temporary mayor would need to reasonably justify making a run for a full term.