Before we see anything else on the site of the former Transbay Terminal and the future Transbay transit hub/spectacularly tall tower, we may be seeing a piece of public art made from leftover pieces of concrete and other debris from the demolished terminal. As Chron architecture critic John King reports, the Transbay folks are voting today on the approval of the proposed sculpture by acclaimed L.A.-based artist Tim Hawkinson. It would be installed in 2015, two years ahead of the terminal's completion, and nobody's really sure when the tower will be done, so...

The details:

It's a 41-foot-high sculpture assembled from its predecessor's remains. The artwork planned for the corner of Mission and Fremont streets would look something like a low-tech Transformer, beginning with toes that once were bollards and culminating in an upraised pointing finger that once did duty as a light pole.

OK, maybe it won't be awkward when all is said and done. Maybe it will even be cute. Thoughts?