Over at the national edition of Curbed they're taking a look at surprisingly nice homes for sale in bankrupt towns across America - and that includes our neighbor to the Northeast with the hooker problem. While real estate-minded folks might be looking at this as a homeownership bargain, we're reminded of Vallejo's efforts to curb prostitution by publicly calling out johns who cruise the city's streets. For some, that would be good reason to avoid this 4,000 square-foot mini-mansion (the prostitution, not the johns) despite a price tag lower than most San Francisco two-bedroom apartments, but we're looking at this as a potential business opportunity for an enterprising Madame: Just think of the brothel you could run out of there, is what we're saying.

With 4 bedrooms, a pleasant piano parlor, a pool out back and a grand staircase to walk up as your lady of choice leads you to her chambers, it's got all the right amenities to create a Playboy Mansion North or a Bunny Ranch West - a sort of tribute to the Barbary Coast, if you will, and all hidden behind an unassuming suburban home. At $539,000, it's probably even cheaper than trying to open a bar in this city.

Potential negatives: Things might get tricky with only two bathrooms, but with all the money you'll be raking in you could probably afford to turn the garage in to a turkish-style bathhouse. It's also next door to a Catholic church and around the corner from a synagogue, so your clientele might get some dirty looks on the weekends and around the High Holidays, but honestly we've seen much more innocuous businesses get worse NIMBY harassment here in the city. So the question remains: Why has no one snapped up this Vallejo hooker's paradise yet?

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