An allegedly frightened student at Selby Lane School in Atherton called 911 from the girls' bathroom after a teacher freaked out on his students and dropped/threw a desk. The 13-year-old girl, Maria Prado, claims her teacher, John Haynes, got mad and started swearing at students and "throwing furniture around." Police responded to the classroom, and after "investigating" they found that Haynes had only "dropped" a desk from a few inches above the ground, in order to get students' attention (we're picturing them tittering and texting), and the desk fell on its side.

A school district trustee said that the 911 call gave him pause, and that "You don't want any student to feel in fear." The district has responded by putting Mr. Haynes on administrative leave, pending a further investigation. The student's mother, Ruby Prado, sounds like she blames her daughter for being a busybody and a wimp, and rushes to Haynes' defense, saying he's an excellent teacher, it's all been "blown out of proportion," and her daughter wouldn't be on the Honor Roll without him.

Bonus: Here's the audio of the girl's 911 call.

Photo, not of Mr. Haynes, by Charlotte King.

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