Oaklanders have a new place to shop for discount housewares and Justin Timberlake fashions as Target opens a new store on the Oakland/Emeryville border, at 1555 40th Street. The big ribbon cutting happened Tuesday, as Oakland North reports, and the place was open as of yesterday -- but the grand opening event is technically on Sunday, March 6.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan was diplomatic at the ribbon cutting, talking about how Oakland had been "ignored" by retail chains like Target for many years. It's no secret, but cash-strapped and sales-tax-poor Oakland has been angling to get a Target in town for years, and now they have to settle for sharing the sales tax revenue from the new store with wealthy little sister Emeryville -- a town of some 10,000 residents that nonetheless has a shit ton of sales tax revenue flowing to it, from large corporations that are based there as well as from the highest concentration of retail shopping outlets in the inner East Bay. Oakland has a similar sales-tax-sharing deal with the nearby Home Depot, which sits exactly on the Oakland-Emeryville border, but in this case, Oakland will only one third of the revenue, with Emeryville getting two thirds.

In addition to the sales tax, the new store has created 90 new jobs for Oakland and Emeryville residents. Says 23-year-old employee Kayla Howard, who was unemployed most of last year and just had a birthday, the new store and new job is, "the best birthday gift ever.”