Right off the bat, let's clear the air: Enough with the snow sites, people. After posting about cutesy isitsnowinginsfyet.com on Thursday, our inbox has been bombarded with other similar snow-update sites. Snow's now a thing. It's this month's bacon-cupcake-KUSF-Dolores Park-cookies-dangling-from-a-window-in-Egypt story over which editors get damp. We get it. But enough. No one likes a winker. And, yes, we're culpable of promoting snow as a twee news item, but... stop. Please. We can't post all the adorable, minimalist sites about whether or not frozen water will fall from the sky.

As for snowfall itself? We're not getting. At least San Francisco won't. We just feel it. And several news outlets also predict that, most likely, the city of San Francisco won't see any iciness. Or maybe we will. Who knows. But, sadly, it's all been for naught.

Lake Tahoe, however, is drenched in snow. If you like skiing, this weekend would be ideal for taking a jaunt east.