Remember Livermore mom Christine Hubbs who was arrested last summer on charges that she liked 13-year-old boys a little too much? She pleaded no contest yesterday in Alameda County Superior Court, and she's expected to serve five years in jail and to have to register as a sex offender. In exchange for her plea, prosecutors dropped 63 other felony sex counts and a few misdemeanor counts. That's quite a lot of counts! Sounds like this wasn't a one-time deal.

Hubbs, a 42-year-old dentist's wife and mother of three, is accused of using Xboxes, free dinners, and video games -- as well as nude photos of herself sent from her cell phone -- to entice two different boys, aged 13 and 14 at the time to have sex with her. One of the boys, the 14-year-old, had been dating her daughter. She's been in custody at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin on $4.3 million bail since her arrest in August. [AP/Examiner]