A snow icon on our weather app? The mind boggles.

So, sadly, we did not wake up this morning to a snow blanketed city. When will we get it? Who knows. The National Weather Service predicts: "Friday night: A chance of rain showers before 10pm, then a chance of rain and snow showers. Snow level 600 feet...Little or no snow accumulation expected."

CBS 5, however, says maybe tonight at levels above 1,000. Probably hitting SF by Friday.

When it does snow in San Francisco, will we need chains for our tires? What about snow shoes? Can we eat it? Does it, as Vanessa Williams insists, sometimes come down in June? There's so much we yearn to know about this magical, icy substance from the sky.

Anyway, the Chronicle has the final word on the snow fever that's gripping - gripping! - the Bay Area, saying, "Weather expert predictions on that vary by the hour, and as with all things weatherwise, even the experts are saying the only way to be sure is when the snowflakes land on your tongue."