We've heard plenty of complaints about what a harrowing experience the downhill commute from Russian Hill and Nob Hill can be along the city's legendary 30-Stockton line. Recently, however, one local man (and a reporter for the Examiner no less) decided to take matters in to his own hands by challenging the 30 bus to a sort of John Henry, man-versus-machine challenge of physical prowess. Basically he walked 12 blocks to work instead of trying to cram on a crowded bus in Chinatown.

Starting from Pacific and Stockton, Will Reisman engaged the bus in a roughly three quarter-mile footrace to Market Street, eschewing other lines or forms of transit along the his route to work. It's a fast-paced story that includes an 8BX-Bayview sneaking up on him in the Stockton tunnel, but in the end the 30-Stockton still won. It took the bus roughly 11 minutes to surpass Reisman who left his normal bus stop at 8 a.m. Reisman arrived at Market Street by 8:15 a.m, which begs the question - if you live a 15 minute walk from work why would you ever bother taking the bus?