Hollywood comes to visit for such brief, fleeting moments, right? Well, all the Twitterers atwitter about Jude Law being in town will come to an abrupt halt later this week as director Steven Soderbergh and his crew (and about 1,000 extras) wrap up shooting of Contagion. They'll do their biggest location shoot on Wednesday at Candlestick Park, amidst the rain, we suppose. NBC reports that the film paid $60K to use the stadium, and that it will be serving as a vaccination center in the film, filled with military vehicles, tents and such.

The shoot will also involve a helicopter landing, which is reminding us a little too much of Trauma right now. Though NBC says this will be the final day of shooting, the original casting notice said they'd be shooting through the 19th, which is Saturday.

The gang has been shooting a few different places all weekend, including a North Beach home and this street which we think is Garfield Street in Merced Heights. Anybody had any Matt Damon or Gwyneth sightings?