Remember the Carnival Splendor, that ship that lost all power last fall and got stranded for days 200 miles off the coast of San Diego, leaving its passengers to sweat and stink up the place and eat Spam? Well, the poor ship has been getting some much needed repairs in San Diego, but it's now headed to San Francisco, arriving next week, to get some final fixing before hopefully getting renamed so that no one will be wiser.

It will dock at Pier 70 for a bit, and as the Examiner explains, "Pier 70’s dry dock was expanded three years ago and is now the only one on the West Coast capable of repairing a ship as large as the Splendor, which is 951 feet long and 13 stories high."

The ship is so big, in fact, that it won't fit through the Panama Canal. It's going to sit there at Pier 70, visible from quite a distance, for about a month, and will generate some work hours for Port workers.