Around 120 local fishermen will split $3.65 of a $6 million award in damages won though a class action lawsuit against the parties at fault for the horrific 2007 Cosco Busan oil spill. The spill, if you recall, poured an estimated 53,000 - 58,000 gallons of fuel into the bay after colliding with one of the Bay Bridge’s towers. It also killed scores of wildlife in the process.

"Local fishermen filed a series of class action suits against the owners and operators of the container ship in both federal court in San Francisco and in San Francisco Superior Court. Lawsuits were brought against both Fleet Management and the ship’s owner, Regal Stone Ltd. of Hong Kong, reported The Examiner. "Both lawsuits claimed fishermen suffered 'profound' economic damage from the oil contamination and sought certification as class actions on behalf of all commercial operations that catch fish in and near San Francisco Bay."

Maritime pilot John Cota, if you recall, was "impaired" via use of prescription pharmaceuticals while piloting the boat. He was sentenced to 10 months in jail.