Sure to ruffle quills come Christmas morning, Oakland artist Adam Infanticide's stickers have been seen on the streets of San Francisco (as well as New York and other fancypants European cities) and have "entertained, enlightened and offended" millions. Delightful. Now you too can slap a few of his witty, sticky gems across your neighborhood. Simply email woostercollective[at]gmail[dot]com your mailing address and he'll send you a load of hand-written stickers featuring such words to live by as "God bless our brave stockbrokers," "Please don't take this sticker down," and "God must be mad at you or something."

"If you want some, you must send me your mailing address. I wont reply to emails," Infanticide firmly declares. So no questions, please.

For more details, please visit The Craft Shopper.

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